CAS Kids Spring Break
April 15 - 19

Image credit: Jonathan Fox

Image credit: Jonathan Fox

April 15 - 19 from 9:45 am - 12:30 pm

By providing an intensive, high-quality slate of courses in multiple visual art mediums that develop a broad range of skills for ages 4-12, CAS Kids helps children develop creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and cooperation through painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and pottery. In so doing, CAS Kids provides an excellent and free out-of-school learning opportunity during the school spring break session, removing economic and cultural barriers to the arts in our rural, low-income communities.CAS Kids programming offers families intensive arts education combining art making and historical context.

Past course work has focused on historical development and stylistic context of the 20th century, exploring concepts of surrealism, cubism, and abstract expressionism. Students learned of surrealism and cubism through creating work inspired by Marc Chagal’s “Iand the Village”. Liquid watercolor and drip bottles were employed to mimic the gestural movement painting abstract expressionist artist, Jackson Pollock is best known for. For the most technically challenging project, children recreated Alberto Giacometti’s “Walking Man” series with pipe cleaners and aluminum foil. Their malleable sculptures were elongated and stylized like that of the great 20th century artist’s iconic figures.

Registration is required in advance of spring break. Please complete the following registration and release forms and return to

Made possible with the support of Fullen-Smith Foundation, Lazare and Charlotte Kaplan, Thalia and George Liberatos Foundation and Robyn Gerry.