The Dance Gallery Festival 

For its third year, CAS is partnering with the Dance Gallery Festival to offer the Level UP dancers a three-day residency in the picturesque mountains of the Catskills. The artists will open rehearsals to the public at the Laundry King at 65 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY and the residency will culminate with a free performance at the Beaverkill Valley Inn at 7 Barnhart Road, Lew Beach, NY on Sunday, September 1, at 6pm.

Open rehearsals will be joined by a free open master class for dancers of all levels and ages at the Laundry King on Saturday, August 31 at 10 am. Later in the day, audiences will preview a immersive solo-performance in the CAS Arts Center galleries, 48 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY amidst the closing party for the annual invitational exhibition Mary Carlson and Jim Torok. Performance and exhibition closing party Saturday, August 31 from 5 – 6 pm. 

The Dance Gallery Festival was created in 2007 by Astrid von Ussar and has since become a well-known festival with annual showcases in New York City, Texas and now Livingston Manor, NY. The production of modern concert dance is often challenged by the scarcity of suitable and affordable performance venues.  The Dance Gallery Festival addresses this problem by providing support to showcase each choreographers work.  Committed to find up-and-coming choreographic talent, and this year’s Level UP choreographers are Nicole Caruana and Khensani Mathebula. Level-Up serves as a performance showcase for talented dance companies/ choreographers that are ready to advance to the next level in the development and promotion of their work. Each company will receive 25 minutes of performance time at the prestigious Ailey Citigroup Theatre September 27 – 29, 2019 and receive a commission fee.

CAS Arts Center
48 Main Street
Livingston Manor, NY
Saturday, August 31
Immersive solo performance in the galleries – 5 – 6pm

Beaverkill Valley Inn
7 Barnhart Road
Lew Beach, NY
Sunday, September 1
Reception – 5 – 6 pm (drinks available for purchase)
Performance – 6 - 7 pm

Laundry King                                                                      Beaverkill Valley Inn
65 Main Street                                                                    7 Barnhart Road
Livingston Manor, NY
                                                      Lew Beach, NY

Friday, August 30                                                                   Friday, August 30
Open rehearsal - 3 - 6 pm                                                     Open rehearsal - 3 - 6 pm

Saturday, August 31                                                          Saturday, August 31
Open class - 10 - 11 am                                                        Open rehearsal - 10 am - 1 pm
Open rehearsal - 11 am - 1 pm                                             
Open rehearsal - 3 - 6 pm

Sunday, September 1                                                            Sunday, September 1
Open rehearsal - 10 am - 2 pm                                             Open rehearsal - 10 am - 2 pm


Nicole Caruana was born in Buffalo, New York and works internationally as a choreographer and performer. She received her formal training from The Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College under the direction of Nelly Van-Bommel. She has most recently choreographed for Spain Ballet Rotterdam.

Khensani Mathebula, Artistic Director of MATHETA Dance, was a 2018 CUNY Dance Initiative resident. Her work has been commissioned by noteworthy festivals around the city including Battery Dance Festival. She is an alumnus of the competitive Ailey School/Fordham University BFA program. The company name, based on the Xhosa word “theta” (to talk), bears its intention - to speak through movement. She is a proudly South African artist based in Brooklyn.