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Mac Adams,  Banana Rat

Mac Adams, Banana Rat

Light and Dark

Mac Adams / Adam Crosson / Kaytea Petro / Carolina Rubio
MacWright / Yoav Ruda

At CAS Arts Center

September 9 – October 15, 2017

Artists Talk
Saturday, September 9 from 3 to 5 pm

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 9 from 4 to 6 pm

Catskill Art Society presented “Light and Dark”, featuring the work of Mac Adams, Adam Crosson, Kaytea Petro, Carolina Rubio MacWright, and Yoav Ruda at the CAS Art Center at 48 Main St. Livingston Manor, NY.

Mac Adams creates figurative shadows out of mundane groupings of objects. Remarkable and unexpected, these temporal, Rorschach like images invite both speculation and meditation, evoking a presence both fearful and humorous. His art challenges our visual literacy as the presence of light among seemingly unrelated objects generates another layer to the visual message.

Adam Crosson’s studio practice is an excavation into the post-industrial relics of the Mississippi River’s deltaic and alluvial regions. Crosson manipulates commercial signs exposing its internal organs and creating photographs from sign ruins that he has converted to cameras. His relationship with industrial materials is direct, as are his referents.

The work of Kaytea Petro addresses the timely issue of police violence in the United States. Acknowledging that as an artist she is powerless to change government structures and practices that result in the untimely deaths of innocent people, through her work she seeks to spark a conversation that might enhance police crisis training and change gun policy in this country.

Carolina Rubio MacWright grew up during the Colombian conflict where violence permeated her city, and a culture of fear and hate repressed creative expression. Her work makes sense of fear and the loss of freedom so many immigrants and refugees face, offering viewers insight that will allow them to consider the injustices that continue today.

Yoav Ruda sees contemporary art as an open horizon, free of boundaries and limitations. His work mixes still photography, film, new media, written word, samples, sound art and poetry into a single, unified new art form. The work refers to the development of art as an evolutionary process, with that evolution as the key principle of the development of art, culture, science and life itself.

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Photo by Andy Ryan. 

Photo by Andy Ryan. 

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