Waterfall II, 2016, Nicholas Clemente

Waterfall II, 2016, Nicholas Clemente

The Catskill Art Society will present its annual CAS Summer Members Show, an exhibition of work by CAS member artists displayed throughout the CAS Arts Center at 48 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY from May 27 – June 25, 2017.

Summer is a storied time in the Catskills as it is famously wrapped up in our history, economy, and lifestyle. It’s also the time of the much-anticipated CAS Summer Members Show, featuring local artists from across the area with a diverse body of work in all styles and mediums. All artwork is available for sale, with proceeds benefiting the artists and the nonprofit CAS Arts Center.

CAS Summer
Members Show

May 27 – June 25, 2017
Opening Saturday May 27th
from 4-6PM



Albert Kresch, detail from Abstract Still Life, 2009, oil on linen.

Albert Kresch, detail from Abstract Still Life, 2009, oil on linen.

infinite fields

Paintings by Sharon Molloy
at the Elevator Gallery
May 27th through June 25th



All phenomena are in a state of dynamic flux. Everything is moving, changing, dissolving and becoming. From the subatomic world to weather patterns, to our bodies, from social movements to comic expansion, our reality is transient and interconnected. Yet our perception often tells us otherwise. We feel solid, and see separate objects, and consequently often forget that our universe is an infinite, intricate web of inter-relationships.

From the massive to the microscopic, similar patterns, structures and shapes reoccur, Chaos and order are found at all levels depending on our perspective. Most of what is occurring is also invisible to us. Electro magnetic waves, microscopic interactions, bodily processes and sound waves are intimately tied into our experience and yet we are mostly unaware of them. Space is not empty and even the smallest event effects everything else.

These paintings are an attempt to re-aquaint the viewer with these ideas. They are an invitation to appreciate the paradoxical nature of our perception and to be more aware of the seemingly inconsequential, the invisible, and the subtle. Infinite Fields permeate our reality, and these paintings are visual possibilities within these multiple dimensions.



Photograph by Noah Kalina

Photograph by Noah Kalina

Photographs by Noah Kalina

At the Laundry King
65 Main Street, Livingston Manor
May 27 – June 25.
Artist reception May 27, 4 - 6PM

There’s comfort in fog. 
The air sinks, softly blanketing the space around us, 
limiting vision to the immediate and slowing time to the imminent. 
It conceals the vastness of the world to impart a feeling of weightlessness and discovery, 
a living, breathing liminal space of possibility. 
There’s comfort in the unknown. 
This is temporary.

Noah Takes a Picture of Himself Everyday for 6 Years, or Everyday, is a viral video produced by New York photographer Noah Kalina. It features a fast montage of thousands of pictures of Kalina spanning a period of six years all played sequentially.



Photo by Andy Ryan. 

Photo by Andy Ryan. 

Bade Stageberg Cox 

June 2016 December 2017

Open during regular hours for guided tours

Come see our upstairs in progress, model and exhibit now on display. Guided private tours are available daily during regular hours for small groups and walk-ins. 

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CAS 2017 Summer Members Show
May 27 – June 25
Opening Reception 4-6pm 

CAS Invitational Show
Lavern Kelley Retrospective, curated by Sydney Waller

July 1 – July 30
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Teresa Audet / Frid Branham / Allan Rubin / Walter Stevens

August 5 – September 4
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Mac Adams / Adam Crosson / Kaytea Petro / Carolina Rubio MacWright / Yoav Ruda
Light and Dark

September 9 – October 15
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Elise P. Church, Lost Presence
Barbara Friedman, Strange Bedfellows

October 21 – November 19
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

CAS 2017 Winter Members Show
November 25 – December 31
Annual Members Meeting 2pm / Opening Reception 3-5pm