Daniel Angeli, INTO THE STORM
Candy Spilner, PAINTINGS 

January 30 - February 28

Saturday, January 30
Artist Talk 2pm
Opening Reception 3-5pm

Into the Storm features the artwork of Daniel Angeli in the Fortescue Gallery. 

Ten years ago, Daniel Angeli began painting scenes of disaster and catastrophe based on his Grandfather's World War II experiences. Fear and uncertainty continue to pervade his current work as he depicts contemporary catastrophes of shipwrecks, building collapses, and other wreckage. The resulting images are landscapes that speak to our current situation of fragility and instability. The forms and structures themselves in his paintings are simultaneously coalescing and breaking apart.

Candy Spilner, Paintings features the artwork of Candy Spilner in the East Gallery. 

Candy Spilner’s constructions burst from the wall with vibrant color and vivacious movement. Her goal is to elicit an emotional and poetic response from the viewer. The large constructed shapes are derived from twisted and gnarly roots that refer to the figure with gesture and scale and a suggestion of movement. The brightly colored forms oscillate and come alive on the wall. "The form is a stand-in for me," says Ms. Spilner. "In front of my paintings, I feel like I’m looking into a mirror. I want to strike a similar pose, maybe standing on one foot and twisting with an arm in the air. I want the viewer to have a the same desire, to dance along with the paintings rather than just looking at them." 



February 5 - March 28 

Friday, February 5 
Opening Reception 4-6pm

Philip Jacobi transforms the Elevator Gallery into a living forest, a literal resource for the wood pieces he creates by hand. 

His woodwork is mostly figurative, although some pieces stand on their own and tend to be more abstract. Created from wood gathered to heat his home, Jacobi's art is infused with a deep, metaphysical connection to nature. They are one-of-a-kind, divided in the following categories: Spiritual, Natural, Mystical and the following secondary categories: He and She, Faces, Fishes, Pedestals, Sculpture, and Mobiles. 


The Catskill Art Society and New Hope Community will host a free opening reception at the CAS Arts Center for the student/teacher group show The Artists of New Hope Community on Thursday, March 3 from 6-8pm. All are welcome and light refreshments will be served from the NHC Bistro. The reception will also feature a concert by Bright Wood, New Hope Community’s new musical group. 

Annual Art Show 

March 3 - March 13

Thursday, March 3
Opening Reception 6-8pm

Patrick Duffy
Hannah Brenner-Leonard
Jayoung Yoon

March 19 - April 17

Saturday, March 19
Artist Talk 3pm
Opening Reception 4-6pm

The Catskill Art Society continues its 2016 exhibition season with Intricate Realities, a group show featuring the work of Patrick Duffy, Hannah Brenner-Leonard, and Jayoung Yoon.  Flowing repetition of form and precise attention to detail form a unifying link between these three artists. 

CAS 2016 Exhibition Season 

Daniel Angeli, Into the Storm
Candy Spilner, Paintings

January 30 – February 28
Artist Talk 2pm / Opening Reception 3-5pm 

Artists of New Hope Community
curated by Sue Petry

March 3 – March 13
Opening Reception 6-8pm 

Hannah Brenner-Leonard / Patrick Duffy / Jayoung Yoon
Intricate Realities

March 19 – April 17
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

CAS Sullivan County High School Art Show
co-sponsored by SC BOCES

April 23 – May 15
Opening Reception 11am-2pm 

CAS Summer Members Show
May 21 – June 19
Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Tara Kopp, Paintings
Jenna Lucente, Paintings

June 25 – July 24
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Donald Keefe, The Inauspicious Present 
Sarah Tortora, Ascendants 
July 30 – August 28
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

CAS Invitational
curated by Robin Winters

September 3 – October 10
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Tal Gluck, Sculpture 
Melinda Wallach, 
Walls of Viet Nam
October 15 – November 20
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

CAS Winter Members Show
November 26 – December 31
Annual Members Meeting 2pm / Opening Reception 3-5pm