Left image: Tal Gluck, Aristotelian War Hymnal, 2014, crocheted fiber (cotton, wool, acrylic), glass. Right image: Melinda Wallach, Weeping Characters, 2011, photograph.

Left image: Tal Gluck, Aristotelian War Hymnal, 2014, crocheted fiber (cotton, wool, acrylic), glass.

Right image: Melinda Wallach, Weeping Characters, 2011, photograph.

Tal Gluck

Melinda Wallach

October 15 – November 20 

Saturday, October 15
Artist Talk 3pm
Opening Reception 4-6pm

At the root of the three-dimensional sculptural objects by Tal Gluck is a desire to manipulate the viewer into an unresolvable state of creativity and problem solving. By producing objects from materials that often fall into the realm of technical and functional craft, but are clearly non-functional in and of themselves, Gluck leaves the viewer caught with one foot in the world of craft and one foot in the world of fine art. These works that are almost furniture, almost ritual artifacts, seek to hold a sense of the numinous within the mundane. 

The “Walls of Viet Nam” series came from artist Melinda Wallach’s travels in Southeast Asia and her amazement at the vast accumulation of paint, graffiti, stickers, paper, mold, and lichen on the surfaces of walls she encountered. The walls struck her as art pieces themselves. She used her camera to create unique compositions, and these photographs then inspired a series of paintings with found objects. The rich mixture of native Vietnamese, Chinese, French, and tribal ethnic cultures inform this series. 

Tal Gluck is an artist, designer, and researcher pursuing an M.F.A. at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Originally from New York, he holds a B.S. in Design & Environmental Analysis from Cornell University, and spent several years working in market research and healthcare consulting before transitioning to the worlds of art and design. 

Melinda Wallach has explored many mediums over the years, including oils, pastels, acrylics, mixed media, assemblage, drawing, and clay. She studied both privately and in Master’s-level workshops with artists such as Wolf Kahn, Genie Appel, and Eydi Lampasona. She often begins a work by listening for an intuitive impulse, allowing the piece to speak to her from the inside out. Her work ranges from realistic to abstract, and often blends elements of the two styles. Among her many inspirations are recent travels to Australia, Bali, Singapore, and Vietnam.



“Skunk Cabbage Bog” is a fiber art assemblage installation from reclaimed clothing and household and garden materials, brilliantly conceived by artist Leslie Pelino as a transformation of place. She creates a magical journey into an alternate fantasy world of a deep woodland skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus) bog, a reinterpretation of her favorite real-life Hudson Valley marshland destination.

Created with large, abstractly representational LED lit sculptures, vinyl wall decals of actual plants, and a digital photo slideshow of skunk cabbages and other marshland foliage taken over the course of a year, including recordings of the location’s nature sounds. “Skunk Cabbage Bog” will totally immerse the viewer in sound, color and curiosity. 

Leslie Pelino creates large, vibrantly colorful, ornate fiber vessels made from found and recycled materials that are the concoction of compulsive sculpting, sewing and weaving. Creating these padded theatrical repositories helps the artist feel containment, a reprieve from our world. She sculpts these receptacles from found treasures like abandoned cages, antique lamp shades, and bar stools wired together creating the basic armature. Using salvaged materials, as in the camel hair coat of her grandfather, her mother’s stockings from her nursing career, and other clothing from her childhood, she utilizes both personal and universal emotional triggers. The resulting abstract work reflects flora and fauna—some of the sculptures are flowerlike urns, some diaphanous lanterns exchanging light, anthropomorphic cisterns, animal casks and totem poles.

Leslie Pelino  

October 15 - November 20

Saturday, October 15
Opening Reception 4-6pm



Photo by Andy Ryan. 

Photo by Andy Ryan. 

Bade Stageberg Cox 

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Daniel Angeli, Into the Storm
Candy Spilner, Paintings

January 30 – February 28
Artist Talk 2pm / Opening Reception 3-5pm 

Artists of New Hope Community
curated by Sue Petry

March 3 – March 13
Opening Reception 6-8pm 

Hannah Raine Brenner-Leonard / Patrick Duffy / Jayoung Yoon
Intricate Realities

March 19 – April 17
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

CAS Sullivan County High School Art Show
co-sponsored by SC BOCES

April 23 – May 15
Opening Reception 11am-2pm 

CAS Summer Members Show
May 21 – June 19
Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Tara Kopp, With Amazing Scenes Like These
Jenna Lucente, Limited Landscapes

June 25 – July 24
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Donald Keefe, The Inauspicious Present 
Sarah Tortora, Ascendants 
July 30 – August 28
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Adrenaline Honey
Mike Osterhout / Marianna Rothen
CAS Invitational
curated by Robin Winters
September 3 – October 10
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm

Tal Gluck, Design Poetics
Melinda Wallach, 
Walls of Viet Nam
October 15 – November 20
Artist Talk 3pm / Opening Reception 4-6pm 

CAS Winter Members Show
November 26 – December 31
Annual Members Meeting 2pm / Opening Reception 3-5pm