Members’ Newsletter

Rodney Harder,  Copper Shape,  2018.

Rodney Harder, Copper Shape, 2018.

We are thrilled to introduce the CAS Members’ Newsletter! CAS is so proud of our accomplished and engaged artists, curators, writers, musicians and performers, who do so much beyond the confines of the CAS buildings. To recognize and promote their artistry, CAS has created a quarterly Members’ Newsletter to foster deepened and wider engagement with the arts in our area and beyond.  

Members are encouraged to submit material to promote upcoming art and culture related events, exhibitions, open studios, performances and more with CAS’s ever-growing distribution list of 1,800+ recipients. Submissions must be received by November 15th for inclusion in the December 1st Members’ Newsletter. Submissions must include complete information as detailed below. Please note, submissions may be edited for clarity and length restrictions. All images should be sent to and will be cropped in a square format.

2020 release dates: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1


Submission Form

Please fill out the following form completely. All support files must be emailed to

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Event, exhibition, performance, etc.
2-3 sentences limit. Submissions may be edited for clarity and to meet CAS style guide.
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