CAS Arts Center Storefront Artwork Proposal


CAS will accept submissions to exhibit two-dimensional artwork in the windows of CAS Arts Center, 48 Main Street, during the building’s renovation and expansion in 2020.  Artists are invited to submit proposals for a single window pane, or two panes oriented vertically, or six panes to occupy one gallery, or twelve panes to occupy the entire storefront of both galleries. Style and subject matter are completely open to the artist, however, any artwork that is inappropriate or offensive will not be considered.

Each window pane is 55” wide and 52.5” tall. Artwork will need to be flat and able to fill the entire space of the window pane. Please be aware that construction will be taking place in the galleries during the storefront exhibition, which leaves a possibility that artwork could be damaged by dust and debris. Construction is anticipated to last from January through October 2020, but may last longer depending on final completion of the project.

Most mediums are accepted, though two-dimensional work is encouraged. Some suggested work may be on paper, cardboard, canvas, craft paper, paint directly applied to glass from interior, or text based work.

All proposals will be reviewed by the CAS Artists Council, a group of professional mid-career and established visual, literary and performing artists local to the Catskill area acting as stewards and advocates for the organization’s curatorial pursuits in relation to exhibitions, education, programs, lectures and performances. CAS will notify all applicants of the Artists Council’s decision by ***DATE***. 

Submission deadline


Required Materials

In addition to the submission form on this page, the following materials are required and must be emailed to to complete your application: 

  • Résumé or CV, formatted as a Word, RTF, or PDF file.

  • SAMPLE WORK, sent as email attachments. Maximum of 12 images (including detail views). Curatorial proposals must include sample images from each of the participating artists. Sample work may include images directly related to the storefront art proposal, such as sketches and plans, or other work from a portfolio to showcase the artist’s work. All files must be:

    • labeled with ID numbers in the file names, corresponding to your Image List (e.g. "01-Title.JPG");

    • formatted as JPG or PNG files;

    • high-resolution (at least 1,000 pixels on its shortest side).

Applications missing any of the above items will be considered incomplete and ineligible for consideration. 

Please note that CAS does not accept slides, portfolios, catalogues, press clippings, promotional media, tapes, or physical samples. 


Submission Form

Please fill out the following form completely. All support files must be emailed to

Name *
Phone *
Please note seasonal addresses, if applicable.
Statements must be anonymous, with no names or past exhibition details to identify you. Please limit to two paragraphs (8-10 sentences) maximum.
This should be a narrative bio written in the third person, not a resume/CV. Please limit to one paragraph (4-5 sentences) maximum.
Please list the images that will be emailed as support files. You may include up to 12 images of your work. Specify in the title if the image is directly related to your proposal (ex: sketch, mockup, final drawing/painting). You may also include examples of other work from your portfolio. Important: The information entered into the image list fields must correspond to the file names that are emailed as support files.
Required Materials Checklist *
Please check the boxes below to confirm you will complete your application by emailing the listed materials to
Submission Requirements *
Please check the boxes below to confirm you understand and agree with these stipulations if your proposal is selected for exhibition.
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