CAS Storefront Art Submission

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CAS will accept submissions to exhibit two-dimensional artwork in the windows of CAS Arts Center, 48 Main Street, during the building’s renovation and expansion in 2020.  Artists are invited to submit proposals for a single window pane, six panes to occupy one gallery, or twelve panes to occupy the entire storefront of both galleries. Style and subject matter are completely open to the artist, however, any artwork that is inappropriate or offensive will not be considered. All proposals will be reviewed and selected by the CAS Artists Council.

Each window pane is 55” across and 52.5” tall. Artwork will need to be flat and able to fill the entire space of the window pane. Please be aware that construction will be taking place in the galleries during the storefront exhibition, which leaves a possibility that artwork could be damaged by dust and debris. Construction is anticipated to last from January through October 2020, but may last longer depending on final completion of the project.

Most mediums are accepted, though two-dimensional work is encouraged. Some suggested work may be on paper, cardboard, canvas, craft paper, paint directly applied to glass from interior, or text based work.

2020 Exhibition Season Submission

Proposals for the 2020 Exhibition Season were accepted through May 31, 2019. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

CAS will accept applications from artists and curators in all mediums, including and not limited to digital, fiber, film/video, illustration, installations, performance, pottery and sculpture. Please note artists who presented their work as part of the 2019 season will not be eligible to re-apply until 2021. CAS Arts Center, 48 Main Street will be closed January through September for renovation and expansion. The Laundry King, 65 Main Street will host the CAS exhibition program during that time. Winter hours will be in effect January through April, with the space open Friday - Sundays, and Monday’s on holiday weekends. CAS Arts Center programming will resume in October.

All proposals will be reviewed by the CAS Artists Council, a newly formed a group of professional mid-career and established visual, literary and performing artists local to the Catskill area acting as stewards and advocates for the organization’s curatorial pursuits in relation to exhibitions, education, programs, lectures and performances. CAS will notify all applicants of the Artists Council’s decision by July 2019.  All work will be considered for solo and group shows at CAS Arts Center or the Laundry King at the recommendation of the Artist Council. Please click here to view the submission form.


Performance Submission 


Class and Lecture Submission


CAS schedules concerts, plays, dance, film screenings, book and poetry readings, puppet shows, and more year-round. Many factors are considered when scheduling these programs, including prior bookings for CAS and partner organizations, technical needs, cost, and audience appeal. 

All prospective performing artists and groups must submit proposals, including CV and work samples, to the Executive Director. For more information, contact us at  


CAS schedules classes, lectures, and outreach initiatives led by a roster of master teachers. We accept teaching artist proposals that fit our organization's mission, add diversity to our slate, appeal to new and core audiences, and are led by high-quality educators who can manage students independently. 

All teaching artists must submit proposals, including outlined lesson plans, clear target audiences/age groups, CV and work samples that show subject mastery and teaching experience, to the Executive Director. For more information, contact us at


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