Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to apply for the CAS Exhibition Season? 
A: Everyone is welcome to respond to our open call to artists for the CAS Exhibition Season, regardless of background or professional status. You do not need to be a CAS member to submit.

Q: Are there any costs to apply or exhibit?
A: No, there is no submission fee for our annual Exhibition Season. However, artists must deliver and pick up artwork, ready to hang, from CAS and are expected to attend our opening Artist Talks. We do occasionally rent the galleries for independent exhibitions and events outside of our Exhibition Season. 

Q: How does the selection process work?
A: CAS selects an independent jury panel every year from the national community of professional curators, artists, and professors with demonstrable expertise in contemporary visual art. Panelists change every year and are solely responsible for adjudicating the annual Exhibition Season applications. CAS anonymizes all proposals to maintain a "blind jury," maintaining a fair and unbiased process that we require for equal opportunity and grant funding. Panelists' names are kept confidential until the exhibition season is finalized.

Q: How can I learn more about the gallery space? Do you have floor plans/measurements available?
A: You can find a detailed floor plan and photos of the CAS Arts Center on the About page of our website. We're also happy to make an appointment to tour the space if you're in the area. 

Q: Do you have a theme for the Exhibition Season, or any other restrictions on content?
A: No. If your artwork does address any specific themes or subjects, please articulate them in your Artist or Curatorial Statement.

Q: Do you have any restrictions on when the artwork was created?
A: We only exhibit original contemporary art, but don't require artwork to be made within any particular timeframe. 

Q: What mediums do you accept for exhibition?
A: We accept submissions in all mediums, including three-dimensional, multi-disciplinary, time-based, film/video, and digital works. 

Q: Can I submit artwork that was previously exhibited?
A: We accept submissions that were previously exhibited elsewhere, in whole or in part, but submitted artwork should not have been previously exhibited at CAS.

Q: How should I prepare my Artist or Curatorial Statement for the application?
A: The statement is your chance to communicate directly to the jury panel. A good statement summarizes your work’s concept and may include acknowledgements of your references or inspirations. Also, use this opportunity to briefly explain logistics if there is anything important we should know about installation, layout, etc. that impacts how the work must be viewed. Statements must be anonymous, with no names or past exhibition details (venues, dates, etc.) that may identify you--this information may be included in your Biography section instead. 

Q: How should I prepare images for the application?
A: Please follow the instructions on the submission form so your images can give the jury panel a detailed impression of your work. Please be sure to label each image file name with ID numbers (i.e. "01-Title.JPG"). The images must remain anonymous to the "blind jury" panel, so please do not add any names, numbers, or text on the images themselves. Please note that we limit the number of images (not works) that you can submit, which includes detail views, and applicants who submit images over the limit will be disqualified.

Q: How big should my images be?
A: We ask that you submit high-resolution files, meaning that each image should measure at least 1,000 pixels on its shortest side (i.e. a rectangular image may measure 1,000 px by 1,500 px). The PPI or DPI does not matter to us, so long as the pixel measurements are up to these standards. This is important so we can present the clearest, best quality images of your work to our jury panel. For reference, files at the recommended minimum are typically about 1 MB each. 

Q: My image files are too big to attach in a single email. Can I send you multiple emails?
A: Yes. If you must send multiple emails (usually for attachments totaling over 25 MB in size), please be sure that the subject line for each email is identical and contains your first and last name (i.e. "Jane Smith Submission"). 

Q: The artwork I'm proposing is not finished yet. How should I prepare images for the application?
A: CAS and the jury panelists understand that sometimes artists propose works-in-progress and unfinished series, curators propose shows before open calls have been issued or before participants have finished work, and that pieces may be sold before the exhibition period. If you're not able to submit images for the actual pieces you intend to display, please submit original images of exemplary past work that approximate the style and themes of your proposal. Curators must submit original images that illustrate the show's concept, and sample images for each participating artist if any are already attached to the proposal. 

Q: I'm a curator or artist proposing a multi-artist exhibition. How should I prepare the application?
A: Please be sure to submit the required supporting materials (bios, résumés, etc.) for each participant and identify each image file accordingly. Curators must submit original images that illustrate the show's concept, and sample images for each participating artist if any are already attached to the proposal. You should indicate one person to represent the group as the primary contact for CAS in the event your proposal is selected.

Q: My submission is in video art, performance art, digital art, or another form that is best sampled by video or audio. Are those accepted?
A: We will accept digital video files in AVI, MOV, MPG, or WMV format under 3:00 minutes in length to sample non-static artwork. Please note the running time of the full pieces and include 1 - 3 still images. We will also accept audio files in MP3 format under 3:00 minutes in length to sample sound elements of an art exhibition or installation. All files should be emailed or sent via Dropbox or Google Drive--please do not mail DVDs, CDs, or tapes. 

Q: Can I also send you additional supporting materials to better illuminate my artwork or background?
A: We respectfully discourage applicants from submitting press clippings, catalogues, promotional media, and any printed matter or physical samples. The jury panel considers submissions in an anonymous, "blind" process, so these these materials are not usable. The volume of submissions also prevents us from considering additional materials. CAS has very limited storage capacity, so all unsolicited materials will be discarded.

Q: How many times can I submit?
A: We only allow one submission per year per person, but you may apply for as many years as you like.

Q: When will I be notified of the jury panel's decision?
A: Applicants will be notified about the status of their submissions by the end of April.

Q: Can I get any feedback on my submission?
A: CAS staff are happy to answer questions prior to submission and convey feedback from the jury panel upon request. Panelists are not available to provide feedback directly.

Q: Why did the jury panel select some pieces in my submission but not others?
A: The jury panel makes selections based on their impression of quality and sense of overall fit within the Exhibition Season. To this end, they may select portions of your proposal based on medium (i.e., if your submission includes both sculpture and illustrations, the panel may select only the illustrations) or space limitations. As the jury panel is our sole curatorial body, CAS must uphold the panel's decisions. 

Q: I submitted a proposal last year but was not accepted. Can I submit again this year? Should I?
A: Yes, we encourage artists to submit for future seasons, and new proposals are especially encouraged. Keep in mind that our jury panel changes every year. 

Q: I recently exhibited my artwork at CAS as part of the main Exhibition Season. Can I submit again for the upcoming Exhibition Season?
A: Artists and curators whose submissions were accepted for the Exhibition Season must wait one application cycle to submit again. For example, if your proposal was accepted as part of the 2017 Exhibition Season, you are not eligible to re-apply until the 2019 Exhibition Season. Please note that this restriction does not apply to:

  • Artists included in annual Summer or Winter Members Shows; 
  • Artists included in curated group shows, such as Ghosts of the Catskills and River and Biota.

Q: What is required from accepted artists?
A: Artists accepted for the Exhibition Season will coordinate with CAS staff for planning, installation, press, and marketing. Artists are expected to deliver ready-to-hang artwork to the CAS Arts Center, participate in Artist Talk discussions during the exhibition opening, and arrange artwork pick-up after the show's conclusion. Artwork must arrive ready to hang and framing must meet a minimum standard of quality. Artwork is required to be available for sale, and CAS earns commission on all sales. CAS cannot offer honorariums or other payment at this time. 

Q: Can you notify me when Exhibition Season submissions are open?
A: The best way to learn about upcoming submission opportunities is to join our email list, where we announce all calls to artists for the Exhibition Season, the Elevator Gallery, our member shows, and occasional curated shows. CAS also makes announcements on our Facebook page, and has applications available on our website and at the CAS Arts Center. Submissions for the Main Exhibition Season always run from December 1 through February 1 every year. Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to contact individuals for open calls. 

Q: I have another question that wasn't answered by the FAQ above. Who can I contact for help?
A: Please contact CAS staff at or call during open gallery hours. We strongly recommend that you reach out by email as the CAS Arts Center venue closes periodically for winter maintenance. 

Ready to apply? Click here to find the application link on our Submissions page.